Imagine how much more restful your vacation will be not having to worry about brown grass, a green pool, or a leaky pipe, roof leak, or flooded house.  We give no-cost, no-obligation estimates.  You have nothing to lose, and peace of mind to gain!  We can be contacted by phone, email, or through the "Contact Us" link on our website.

Going away long-term?

We provide a variety of services to suit your needs:

Don't want to stop your mail, newspaper, or package deliveries?  We will take care of mail, paper, and package collection for you.  We provide daily checks on a variety of items in your house, so that you will not arrive home to unexpected catastrophes!

Your Premier House Watching 

and Concierge Service is here!

​Have a short-term vacation planned?

We have plans available to accommodate long-term absences from your home.  We will water your plants, as well as do weekly or bi-weekly checks on your house and property.  Hurricane season is right around the corner.  You will be able to rest easy knowing that someone will be checking on your residence while you're away!

Your house is your home. 

Don't trust it to just anyone!  

Don't delay...
contact us today!

Here at LLC we realize that your house is your home.  We will treat your home like it is our own home!  We will give you peace of mind knowing that your house, yard, and pool will be in great shape when you return home!  Cameras and electronics are great, but nothing can replace someone physically walking through your home, checking on things that cameras cannot detect. is locally owned and operated.  We have over 35 years of residential rental property and hotel ownership experience.  The company is fully insured.