‚ÄčOur Mission

About Our Owner

EyeWatchYourHouse.com LLC was formed in 2018,  and our mission and goal is to: Take care of our customers' homes like they're our own.  We routinely walk around your home, check appliances, pipes, alarms, and timers -- all to ensure that your home will be just as you left it upon your return from your vacation or long-term trip to your other residence.  Our business is totally insured.  We serve Pinellas County and surrounding areas.   

You can trust us to watch your house like we would watch our own house!

*  Pinellas County property owner

    since 1996.

*  Pinellas County full-time resident

    since 1999.

*  Owner and manager of residential

    properties since 1983.

*  Owned, operated, and managed 2

    beach hotels:  One in Treasure Island

    from 2000 - 2003, and the other in 

    St. Pete Beach from 2004 - 2017.  Currently          own, operate, and manage apartments in              South St. Petersburg.

*  Tierra Verde resident since 2004.

*  Married with 2 adult children, one grandchild,        a dog, and a cat.